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Dementia, Alzheimer's & Mental Healthcare Professionals Training

Beyond Golden Era, LLC

Dementia, Alzheimer's & Mental Healthcare Professionals Training

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Rita Anand, CEO Dementia & Mental Health Specialist




Rita Anand is an international ambassador for dementia awareness and a national keynote speaker. Rita shares her expertise in the hospital and healthcare industry as a seasoned trainer, educator, and consultant. Her professional credentials are as impressive as her personal desire to care for the elderly. Rita trains healthcare professionals nationwide and frequent... Read more

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Beyond Golden Era, LLC provides personalized consulting and training services that extend nationwide and internationally. Beyond Golden Era is a boutique, multi-service consultancy devoted to providing continued personalized education and professional training and development for healthcare professionals serving the elderly.

Beyond Golden Era is sought after to provide the expertise that includes, but is not limited to, the following: program... Read more

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Rita believes every older adult has a beautiful, multi-faceted story to share with the world. She strongly believes that taking the time to hear their personal background can greatly improve the quality of care. Rita’s passion for elder care sends her to venues throughout the country where she enthusiastically leads interactive and informative workshops in assisted living, nursing homes, group homes, hospitals, and professional conferences.  ... Read more


Lorna Mattox, AAAP

Excellent! Interaction between Speaker and students! Opportunities to ask questions, excellent speaker with bundle of knowledge of this topic!President Director of Activities at Life Care ...

Jayme Ambrose, RN, MSN

Appreciated the many useful examples! Rita is an excellent speaker and trainer. She was excellent in holding our attention during this seminar. All the handouts, resources & binder were ...

Jeanoyce Wilson, LBSW, CALM, CDP CEO

Rita Anand has an extensive background in assisted living industry. One of the topics in my 3 days training is on dementia & Alzheimer's. Because of her expertise, I requested that she teach ...