About Beyond Golden Era

Rita Anand is an international ambassador for dementia awareness and a national keynote speaker. Rita shares her expertise in the hospital and healthcare industry as a seasoned trainer, educator and consultant. Her professional credentials are as impressive as her personal desire to care for the elderly. Rita trains healthcare professionals nationwide and frequently visits Arizona, Florida, Texas, New Jersey and Maryland. She is highly accomplished with numerous specialty areas including memory care, therapeutic activities, program development, documentation and mental and behavioral health. Rita has completed extensive training from leading organizations and is herself a well-rounded expert on all stage of dementia, including hospice and end-of-life care. In addition to her business endeavors, she shares her knowledge and expertise as an active member of several education committees and national associations. Her competence in dementia and Alzheimer’s disease and genuine passion for the elderly makes her a unique and versatile healthcare professional.



Contact to book a speaking engagement when RITA ANAND, is in your area: www.beyondgoldenera.com